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Python interface to the Mythic Beasts Hosted Pi API, developed by the piwheels team (Ben Nuttall and Dave Jones).

This module provides a Pythonic interface to the API, as well as a command line interface.

The authors of this library are not affiliated with Mythic Beasts, but we use their Pi cloud to power the piwheels project.

Documentation of the API itself can be found at


Note that the library is currently in beta. The API and CLI are not yet stable and may change. Once the library reaches v1.0, it will be considered stable.


View the information about a Pi from the command line:

$ hostedpi show mypi
Name: mypi
Provision status: live
Model: Raspberry Pi 3B
Disk size: 10GB
Power: on
IPv6 address: 2a00:1098:8:5b::1
IPv6 network: 2a00:1098:8:5b00::/56
Initialised keys: yes
SSH keys: 4
IPv4 SSH port: 5091
Location: MER
SSH commands:
  ssh -p 5091  # IPv4
  ssh root@[2a00:1098:8:5b::1]  # IPv6

Provision a new Pi and view its SSH command (using Python):

>>> from hostedpi import PiCloud
>>> api_id = '8t29hvcux5g9vud8'
>>> secret = 'QNwsvxZY8SxT3OiLt:Vmz-D1mWQuoZ'
>>> cloud = PiCloud(api_id, secret, ssh_key_path='/home/ben/.ssh/')
>>> pi = cloud.create_pi('mypi')
>>> print(pi.ssh_command)
ssh -p 5123

See the Getting started page for information on how to authenticate, and see the Command line interface page for information on using the command line interface.